Lafayette County Information

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155.4300 County Sheriff's Department - Dispatch (82.5)
159.1500 County Sheriff's Department - Old Dispatch (114.8)
154.0850 County Fire / EMS - Dispatch (114.8)
154.3850 County Fire / EMS - Fireground (114.8)
158.8200 County Highways (131.8)
154.0250 Various County Municipalities DPW Channel

Town of Argyle

Village of Argyle

Town of Belmont

Village of Belmont
154.1150 Belmont Ambulance Service (D172)
155.8350 Local Government (114.8)

Town of Benton

Village of Benton
154.3700 Fire Department (114.8)
155.8350 Local Government (114.8)

Town of Blanchard

Village of Blanchard

City of Cuba City
See Grant County Page

City of Darlington
155.8350 Local Government (114.8)

Town of Darlington
155.1000 Local Government (114.8)

Town of Elk Grove

Town of Fayette

Town of Gratiot

Village of Gratiot

Village of Hazel Green
See Grant County Page

Town of Kendall

Town of Lamont

Town of Monticello

Town of New Diggings

Town of Seymour

City of Shullsburg
155.3550 Shullsburg Ambulance Service (114.8)
158.7750 Local Government (D754)

Town of Shullsburg

Village of South Wayne

Town of Wayne

Town of White Oak Springs

Town of Willow Springs
154.0550 Local Government (114.8)

Town of Wiota

Lafayette County Fire Apparatus Guide

Unit NumberDepartment
212Blanchardville Fire Department - Rescue Squad
341Darlington Community Fire District - Ladder
347Darlington Community Fire District - Brush Fire Truck
361Schullsburg Fire District - Tender
381Wiota Fire Department - Engine
384Wiota Fire Department - Brush Fire Truck
385Wiota Fire Department - First Responder Unit (Ambulance)
781Woodford Volunteer Fire Department - Brush Fire Truck
782Woodford Volunteer Fire Department - Engine
783Woodford Volunteer Fire Department - Tender
785Woodford Volunteer Fire Department - First Responder Unit (Ambulance)

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