Polk County Information

155.5500 County Sheriff - Dispatch (P25 / 179.9)
154.0250 County Fire - Paging (179.9)
154.2350 County Fire - Dispatch (179.9)
154.8000 County Fire - EMS Operations (179.9)
151.0100 County Highways (179.9)
155.9550 Countywide Local Governments
855.9625 County Mobile Data (CS)

Town of Alden

City of Amery
154.7550 Police Repeater
158.8350 Local Government Repeater

Town of Apple River

Town of Balsam Lake

Village of Balsam Lake

Town of Beaver

Town of Black Brook

Town of Bone Lake

Village of Centuria

Town of Clam Falls

Town of Clayton

Village of Clayton

Town of Clear Lake

Village of Clear Lake

Village of Dresser

Town of Eureka

Town of Farmington

Village of Frederic

Town of Garfield

Town of Georgetown
Law Enforcement provided by the Saint Croix Tribal Police Department (See Burnett County Page)

Town of Johnsontown
Law Enforcement provided by the Saint Croix Tribal Police Department (See Burnett County Page)

Town of Laketown

Town of Lincoln

Town of Lorain

Town of Luck

Village of Luck

Town of McKinley

Town of Milltown

Village of Milltown

Town of Osceola

Village of Osceola

City of Saint Croix Falls

Town of Saint Croix Falls

Town of Sterling

Village of Turtle Lake
See Barron County Page

Town of West Sweden

Polk County Unit Numbering

Unit NumberAgency
900 - 969 County Sheriff's Department
970 - 979 County EMS Units (See Below)
1100 - 1149Frederic Police Department
1150 - 1199Luck Police Department
1200 - 1249Milltown Police Department
1250 - 1299Centuria Police Department
1300 - 1349Balsam Lake Police Department
1400 - 1410Amery Fire Department
1411 - 1414Apple River Township Fire Department
1415 - 1419Centuria Fire Department
1420 - 1424Cushing Fire Department
1426 - 1428Clayton Fire Department
1431 - 1435Lorain Township Fire Department
1440 - 1449Dresser-Osceola-Garfield Fire Department
1450 - 1459Frederick Fire Department
1460 - 1469Luck Fire Department
1470 - 1479Milltown Fire Department
1480 - 1489Osceola Fire Department
1490 - 1499Saint Croix Falls Fire Department
1500 - 1509Balsam Lake Fire Department
1520 - 1529Clear Lake Fire Department
3100 - 3149Saint Croix Falls Police Department
3150 - 3199Dresser Police Department
3200 - 3249Osceola Police Department
4100 - 4149Amery Police Department
4150 - 4199Clayton Police Department
4200 - 4249Clear Lake Police Department

Polk County Fire Apparatus Guide

Unit Number Fire Department / Agency Apparatus / Unit Type
970 Polk County EMS Osceola Ambulance
972 Polk County EMS Saint Croix Valley EMS
973 Polk County EMS Park Ambulance
974 Polk County EMS Northland Municipal Ambulance Inc - Luck
975 Polk County EMS Northland Municipal Ambulance Inc - Frederick
977 Polk County EMS Amery Area EMS (ALS Unit)
979 Polk County EMS Clear Lake Ambulance
1402 Amery Fire Department Engine
1403 Amery Fire Department Engine
1405 Amery Fire Department Brush Fire Truck
1406 Amery Fire Department Brush Fire Truck
1407 Amery Fire Department Tender
1408 Amery Fire Department Equipment Truck
1409 Amery Fire Department Tender
  Amery Fire Department Ladder Truck
  Amery Fire Department Squirt Truck / ATV
1441 Dressor-Osceola-Garfield Fire Department  
1471 Milltown Fire Department Pumper
1472 Milltown Fire Department Heavy Rescue Equipment Truck
1473 Milltown Fire Department Tender
1474 Milltown Fire Department Light Rescue & Grass Fire Truck
1475 Milltown Fire Department Pumper (Reserve)
1476 Milltown Fire Department Grass Truck / Supply Truck
1477 Milltown Fire Department Tender
1482 Osceola Fire Department Pumper / Rescue

Polk County uses the APCO 10 code list with these substitutions:
10-013 Weather/road report
10-019 Return to _______
10-028 Vehicle registration information
10-029 Check for wanted
10-030 Unnecessary use of radio
10-096 Mental subject_________
10-101 Denotes a drowning
10-102 Denotes a suicide
10-103 Denotes a traffic fatality
10-104 Denotes a homicide
10-105 Denotes a unnatural death-not criminal (drowning, etc.)
10-105 Denotes a natural death
10-107 Denotes a sexual assault

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