Types of Trunked Radio Systems Used in Wisconsin

Some of the below types of systems are only able to monitored/decoded by computer software and a radio that has a descriminator tap. I recently purchased a radio that has a descriminator tap and will be learning these software programs. Once I get a better handle on them, I will be creating pages for these systems. Click Here for more information about these software programs (Including the popular 'UniTrunker' and 'DSD' Programs.
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Miscellaneous Notes / Additional Information
P25 P25 This is becoming the preferred choice for most public safety agencies in Wisconsin. There are numerous P25 Trunked Radio systems and conventional (Non-Trunked) systems operating in Wisconsin. Project 25 (P25) Information (Provided by RadioReference.com)
EDACS Standard EDACS Standard There are several variations of EDACS systems, but the only two systems used in Wisconsin are EDACS Wideband systems. EDACS Information (Provided by RadioReference.com)
LTR Regular LTR This type of radio system is rather popular in Wisconsin (Mainly for businesses). You will need to know the Logical Channel Number (LCN) for each frequency in order to trunktrack it. There are a few variations of LTR Regular that are used in Wisconsin. These include LTR Passport and LTR Multi-Net. LTR Information (Provided by RadioReference.com)
Motorola Type I Motorola Type I This is the original Motorola brand of trunking radios. In order to Trunktrack these systems you will need to program the Fleets/Subfleets. Thankfully, only a few systems still exist in Wisconsin. Motorola Type I Information (Provided by RadioReference.com)
Motorola Type II Motorola Type II There are a few variations of this type us system used in Wisconsin for public safety (SmartNet / Smartzone). Milwaukee & Waukesha counties are the larger systems in Wisconsin.Motorola Type II Information (Provided by RadioReference.com)
OpenSky OpenSky This type of system is not monitorable by radio scanners or computer software. Only the City of Milwaukee uses it for voice communications. Motorola OpenSky Information (Provided by RadioReference.com)
NEXEDGE NXDN Many businesses in Wisconsin are using this type of system. It can be a Trunked Radio System (With a Control Channel) or a conventional type (Non-Trunked). A few public safety and University of Wisconsin departments use this type of system. NEXEDGE (NXDN) Information (Provided by RadioReference.com)
MotoTRBO / DMR DMR This is mainly used for business in Wisconsin. The main variations of this type of system used in Wisconsin are Connect Plus & Capacity Plus. Most notably in Southeast Wisconsin, its used by We-Energies on mainly 900MHz frequencies. MotoTRBO (DMR) Information (Provided by RadioReference.com)

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